Wednesday, April 8, 2009

its wedenesday. today we had school, AGIAN, and at the moment are watching television at em's house. its extrely nice here today, and i-elle-am seriously considering going and climbing a tree. fun stuff. so far, i don't believe anyones read our blogs. darn. hahaha ah well. if anyone IS reading this, PLEASE COMMENT ON IT! we'd love to hear what you have to say. so here we are. :)

hi guys! i'm back. we had to swim today in school, and my hair is incredibly messed up. and so i'm a tad bummed out. like i said, i would really like to go climb a tree. i'm in another adventerous mood. >:) i love those. i really don't have much to say today, so.. i'm finished.
love, elle.

Hey guy's! It;s me again LOL. I also had swimming today and we had to swimm with our clothes on! It was pretty awesome except the part when i almost drowned lol. Now my hair is really messed up and so now i look messed up:( Well i dont have anything else to say really today so... TOOTLES

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

welcome readers. :)
this is mine and em's first EVER blog posting. WOOHOO! today is tuesday-and there's really not much to report. but we'll give it a go.

hi! as i said before, this is my first blog. which i'm sure you understand already... and i'm not sure why i keep saying it. anyways... here's my schedual of the day.
7:00-wake up. WAY to late for school, but WAY to early for my liking.
11:30-eat lunch. breadsitcks. yum.
3:00-return home from my joyful educational experiance.
currently-writing this.

so other than that, i'll tell you a little about me. i LOVE itailian food. and chinese. i'm also a very daring person. >:) i love extreme things, and can't WAIT to go sky diving. i would like to be an interior designer, or a CIA agent. not sure how the two go together, but-ya know. i absolutly love movies. they're my biggest hobbie. AND, at the moment, i feel like i'm writing for a online dating service. so i'll be done. :)
again, thanks for reading. i;m starting to really enjoy this whole blogging thing.

em- Helllo!! :) This is also my first time bloging. So i hope you like it! I have a very boring day. First i wake up @ 7:00am get up get ready, eat breakfast and then go to the bus stop. 11:30 eat lunch!YUMM!Go to school until 3:00pm. After school i go home usually hang out with elle or other friends.

Now I am going to tell you about myself. I love to play sports! My favorite ones are hockey, Softball, and soccer. I also love movies and music! When i get older i would like to also be an interior designer or an orthodontist.
Well i don't really have anything else about myself to say.
Soooo thank you for reading this.